Friday, April 25, 2008

Lola Goldstein - Teapot Friend...Limited Edition

It's the highlight of every plush friend's existence, when their hostess rescues them from the dark recesses of the closet or their perpetual naptime on the bed and takes them out on the back lawn for a tea party. But sadly, every little girl grows out of the stage when they're content to provide all sides of the conversation (at least most do) and prefers real tea and biscuits to water and air, and the stuffed menagerie are given away or forgotten. But not this little friend!

Refusing to go quietly into the night, this friend from Lola Goldstein has given itself a purpose - if it won't be offered the tea, then it will serve it! And thanks to some planning by a knitting relative (Lola's Mom), each friend has its very own hat to keep it and your tea toasty!

Also new to us from Lola: Limited edition handmade ceramic dolls. Each of these dolls come from a limited edition of 150 pieces - each is numbered, decorated with real gold, and signed by Lola. As always, cute overload! See available pieces as we update them in the webshop.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Cardboard Safari, Trophies for Vegans

No self-respecting log cabin or ski lodge would be complete without a roaring fireplace crowned with a huge mounted moose head staring down on cable-knit sweater wearing, smiling, ruddy-faced people with mugs of hot cocoa stuffed into cozy couches. But taxidermy can admittedly be a little morbid, and the more squeamish among us might even call it vulgar. No worries, Snow Bunnies! The folks at Cardboard Safari have created something to satisfy the most avid trophy hunter or hippie vegan in all of us. Not a product made from animals unfortunate enough to find themselves in the crosshairs of some testosterone-addled hunter, these trophy heads are made from environmentally friendly recycled cardboard. Flat packed for easy carriage, they provide both the satisfaction of piecing them together as well as that prized aesthetic to make your very own cozy cabin complete! Check our selection in the webshop.