Saturday, January 11, 2014

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Idolomantis diabolica

One of the largest species of praying mantis, this well-dressed assassin is a natural master of disguise, cunningly masquerading as foliage or flowers as it waits in ambush for any unlucky passersby. With colors ranging from rich greens and yellows to autumnal browns and reds, its uniquely lethal beauty has earned it the name of the Devil’s Flower Mantis. A perfectly good excuse not to stop and smell the roses, especially if you’re a bug.

The Weekender

the Otherist in German magazine The Weekender 


Collections of tiny found objects, preserved in resin and transformed into unique pieces of jewelry. Fernworks at the Otherist    ...

Morpho Deidamia

The brilliant blue of this South American beauty is only present on the top of the males’ wings, making them difficult to spot unless in flight due to their habit of immediately snapping their wings shut on landing. Any predators that were tracking them in the air (I’m talkin’ to you, birds!) are left wondering where their enticing blue entree went, while the morpho snickers invisibly behind his antennae and camouflaged brown undersides.