Friday, March 21, 2008

Theo - feeling piggy?

The venerable pig has been forced to weather some bed press throughout the years, despite a long list of valuable attributes. Smarter than dogs and oft times just as affectionate, they make great pets, as evidenced by George Clooney's 18-year relationship with Max, the pot-bellied pig credited with saving George's life in 1994 (and Max even took a flight in John Travolta's private jet, although not in a life-saving capacity). But there's one attribute we feel has been overlooked these last few years: that of being the hallowed guardian of our loose change! Well overlook no more, with THEOsaurus! (We know, the '-saurus' makes it seem of the dino- variety, but according to its creator the name has more to do with the Latin definition of the word 'thesaurus': treasure.) Available for all you purists in plain white as well as a Blau Dresner pattern for those who enjoy the classics, THEO is available standing on fat little legs with feet made of actual cork or seated featuring a quality metal lock. You have to spend a little to save a little!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Newly hybridized wall platters from ibride

We've always been fans of animalia, whether that be old school minotaurs and harpies, or more current incarnations like Perlman's ever tragic Beast fighting for ill-fated love (Ron Perlman, not Rhea). These new rectangular platters from ibride are no exception, rather they're glowing examples of the hybridization that we love so well. With subjects ranging from the Crow Conquistador to the Gosling Governess, they're guaranteed to satisfy whether you're an ornithologist, period-drama lover, or just love people with animal heads.

Much larger than their previous oval fancy animal platters, these measure in at 63 x 43cm (approx 25 x 17 inches) and feature super fancy images. See our entire ibride collection here.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Under the Stump, 1st installment

Of course any package from Heather Louise does not disappoint. This latest box was no different - packed with so much Heather Louise Style Goodness that it bowled us over! Under the Stump (1st installment) is now taking up much of the egg mercantile window and the front of our shop! It's great! Bunny Girls, Mushroom Princesses, great big Cursing Bears, Dutch Boys, and more! We've only gotten a few of them up in the webshop thanks to some of Heather's own photos -- we'll try to put more up in the webshop in the coming week, just waiting on a little sunshine to help with the pics.