Friday, March 21, 2008

Theo - feeling piggy?

The venerable pig has been forced to weather some bed press throughout the years, despite a long list of valuable attributes. Smarter than dogs and oft times just as affectionate, they make great pets, as evidenced by George Clooney's 18-year relationship with Max, the pot-bellied pig credited with saving George's life in 1994 (and Max even took a flight in John Travolta's private jet, although not in a life-saving capacity). But there's one attribute we feel has been overlooked these last few years: that of being the hallowed guardian of our loose change! Well overlook no more, with THEOsaurus! (We know, the '-saurus' makes it seem of the dino- variety, but according to its creator the name has more to do with the Latin definition of the word 'thesaurus': treasure.) Available for all you purists in plain white as well as a Blau Dresner pattern for those who enjoy the classics, THEO is available standing on fat little legs with feet made of actual cork or seated featuring a quality metal lock. You have to spend a little to save a little!


  1. I loved my piggy bank when I was a kid. It was a traditional one with flowers on it and a slot on the back. I really love this different take and I might just have to have one!

  2. classic and whimsical little piglets. i love them. and the name is quite clever. we have a pig exchange theme running in my family -- will wow them all with these "treasures". and much sweeter than the mason jar i currently store my change in!