Saturday, June 4, 2011

Treasured Goods: Digby & Iona

As a result of repeated childhood viewings of Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Goonies, the concept of jewelry has always been inextricably linked with that of treasure. And while it's not fair, when viewing new work we'd be lying if we said that in the back of our collective mind we weren't - at least subconsciously - looking for items that fulfill this criteria. We don't just want 'pretty', we want something special; a prize that rekindles all those feelings of romance and excitement that are the hallmarks of any great treasure hunt.

In a heady mix of inspiration that includes but is not limited to history, literature, nature, and his own childhood fantasies of exploration, Aaron Ruff's Digby & Iona jewelry is a beautiful embodiment of the romance and adventure wrapped up in the deceptively simple word 'treasure'.

Lovers of 20,000 Leagues under the sea will be suckers for the incredible octopus ring, and for the Louis L'Amour fans among you (we know you're out there) we have the Law in Six Parts locket; a brass and oxidized silver book that opens to reveal a removable revolver. And to sweeten the pot - if the pot was in need of sweetening - his collection is not just for the ladies; it also boasts pieces for men such as the incredible oxidized silver stump ring with contrasting brass tree rings - the perfect piece for that very special pirate in your life, be he a One-Eyed Willie or a Bluebeard.

We've updated most of the available pieces in our webshop, and all pieces are available for viewing and purchase at our shop on the Leliegracht. See you soon!