Wednesday, September 17, 2008

House of Animals - Heather Louise

The Houses of Plantagenet, Orange-Nassau and Windsor have all had a major hand in shaping the socio-political landscape of Europe. But a new house is now rising and threatens to eclipse the radiance of them all; Heather Louise's House of Animals! With sensational stylings calling to mind the glories of both the Victorian and Edwardian eras, this collection of avian, amphibian and other forest dwellers are now taking the city and sea (or canal) by storm in fashionable frocks and classy coats that would put the dandiest dandy to shame!

Heather's felt figures are always show stoppers, and this collection will be no exception! Each doll is entirely handmade using Dutch felt, vintage fabrics and beads, and often real snail shells (although Heather assures us no snails were harmed in the process). It's no surprise that these one-of-a-kind creations have personalities all their own that speak volumes without saying a single word, each one crying out for attention and a place in your home.

But how does one choose a favorite when faced with the Swan Sea Captain in his tricorner hat or the Elegant Uncle Platypus with Monocle? And what of the Dapper Squirrel whose coat accents his baby blues perfectly, or the Country Frog Gentleman whispering (sordid?) secrets to his diminutuve Snail Friend?

Unless you have the shop to yourself, it's best to choose quickly. From the safety of the counter we've seen it all, from customers bargaining with each other to the ol' Bait-n-Switch that leaves a disconsolate someone staring at the empty place their doll used to occupy. Fur will fly and feathers fall when it's all said and done, but when finally the melee calms and the air clears, who will you be left holding? See available dolls as we update them in our webshop.