Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Classic Style: Billykirk

Why does it seem that travel has lost all the glamour of the old days? Sure, maybe by 'the old days' I mean 'in old movies', but still. One night while watching an old classic on television (ok, it was Some Like it Hot with Marilyn Monroe and Tony Curtis - amazing) I realized as I watched them boarding the train that everyone had these amazing bags and fantastic luggage!

It's no wonder that getting on the train nowadays feels so gauche, as we walk around with our interchangeable nylon backpacks and duffel bags that are really more suited to carrying smelly gym shoes than nice clothing for a weekend in Paris. (I can't even put into writing how I feel upon realizing that the person across the aisle is in their pajamas and slippers and has the pillow from their bed tucked under their arm like a favorite teddy bear. Really? Have a little pride, man.)

While we can't convince Thalys to implement a dress code or even train the stewards to mix us a real drink, we can lose the banal backpacks and dreary duffels - and the new bags from Billykirk are just the thing to replace them. New fabrics for Spring & Summer include an olive herringbone twill combined ivy leather and a railroad stripe canvas paired slate leather, all made using the time-honored traditions and high quality materials that we've come to expect from Billykirk. I have my eyes on the olive weekender, leaving me with only one question; am I going over the top if I buy the wallet to match? Available online in our webshop and also in our brick & mortar shop on the Leliegracht.