Thursday, October 30, 2008

Something's Hiding In Here - new arrivals

There are times in your life when a card really doesn't say it all, where the thousand words an image is worth aren't those you're trying to convey, or even when you've asked yourself that most painful of gift-giving queries; "What do you get for the person who has everything?" For these times and more, Shauna Alterio & Stephen Loidolt of
Something's Hiding in Here have developed a charmingly eccentric range of sentimental somethings that are sure to pick up where conventional cards and gifts leave off.
Check out our assortment in the webshop.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Ibride - Reversible Double Headed Trays

Martial and Marius, Martha and Madeleine

The relation between predator and prey has always been fascinating to watch, whether it be on Animal Planet or a David Attenborough special. The cycle of life (and death) is compelling and thrilling, all the more so when paired with moving music and driving, disembodied narration. Ibride taps into this fascination with their new reversible portrait trays, artfully rendering a new and inspiring interpretation of what was, until now, only an ecological relationship.

The reversible design calls to mind playing cards, with the animal subjects portrayed in period costumes that would be at home in any 18th century games parlour. The first reversible playing cards were designed so that players were not tempted to turn cards in their hand 'right-side up' and inadvertently give clues to their opponents. With these the effect is exactly the opposite - unless you have two you'll be tempted to turn it over again and again. View our Ibride collection in our webshop.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Frédérique Morrel - Making a case for lace

We've always had a soft spot for re-purposed and recycled items, so when we saw Frédérique Morrel's trays it was love at first sight. Rescuing tapestry, needlework pieces, and patterns and then using them to make one-of-a-kind serving trays? What's not to love?

With her new trays, Madam Morrel hasn't stopped at just saving old tapestries, she's gone one better and added delightful doilies and lace to the mix. Brilliant! Who among us hasn't looked at a needlework pooch portrait or old-school tapestry scene and liked it despite the small worm of shame wiggling in our stomach, unwilling to admit even to our partners that perhaps we're developing septuagenarian sensibilities?

Thanks to Madam Morrel our predilection for petit point can come out of the closet and sit proud beneath a bevy of beverages, your tray riding shotgun on the side table, not just protecting the tabletop but providing transportation for the drinks you're serving to all your friends, who will ooh and aah as they uncover the treasures embedded beneath. We like Manhattans, if you're wondering. See the updated collection in our webshop

Monday, October 6, 2008

Vegan Wall Trophy: Update

Appealing to our love of nature - both our desire to protect it as well as frame it and place it stylishly on our walls - the designers at Cardboard Safari weren't satisfied resting on the laurels of their original collection of Stag, Moose, and Rhino.

This month saw the introduction of the American Bison, another majestic animal to add to our cardboard collection. In the wild, the bison is deceptively docile-looking and despite being an herbivore will attack if provoked.
Its mild-mannered movements belie an ability to run faster than a speeding locomotive (we know the Railroad Companies didn't like the competition), and leap fences in a single bound! So if you ever see a real Bison, enjoy it from afar, confident in the knowledge that when you get home - safe and sound - you can get as close as you want to yours. Now available (big and small size) in-store and in our webshop.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Orla Kiely Paper

Who doesn't remember the dreary design days of the 90's, when black and tan were the only acceptable colors for your home, your wardrobe, your car, your bag. Yes, I know what you would say; 'the subdued palette of the 90's was a direct reaction to garish colors representing the glaring commercialism of the 80's.' Whichever way you slice it, 90's fashion tended to be just as boring on the eyes as it was detrimental to one's design spirit.

Happily, not everyone allowed themselves to be led around like beige and black sheep, for the 90's also saw the launch of Orla Kiely's stylishly simple designs. Choosing not to do away with colors (like so many others during those drab days), with her unique design sensibility she instead reframed them using a mixture of geometry and graphic design that was at once fresh and immediately recognizable. Fast forward to present day, and we can all see (and enjoy) just how far ahead Orla was.

One of the most recent additions to her design arsenal is a paper series featuring stationary and notebooks, each sporting one of Orla's signature designs on the cover, with assorted goodies spread throughout. Our favorite is the travel journal, replete with dashing stickers for you to code each of your discoveries while on the road, whether that be a favorite restaurant, museum, or some hidden away spot that only you know. And, if you're feeling generous, perhaps a few close friends. Now available in-store and in our webshop.