Monday, October 20, 2008

Ibride - Reversible Double Headed Trays

Martial and Marius, Martha and Madeleine

The relation between predator and prey has always been fascinating to watch, whether it be on Animal Planet or a David Attenborough special. The cycle of life (and death) is compelling and thrilling, all the more so when paired with moving music and driving, disembodied narration. Ibride taps into this fascination with their new reversible portrait trays, artfully rendering a new and inspiring interpretation of what was, until now, only an ecological relationship.

The reversible design calls to mind playing cards, with the animal subjects portrayed in period costumes that would be at home in any 18th century games parlour. The first reversible playing cards were designed so that players were not tempted to turn cards in their hand 'right-side up' and inadvertently give clues to their opponents. With these the effect is exactly the opposite - unless you have two you'll be tempted to turn it over again and again. View our Ibride collection in our webshop.


  1. In the most simple terms, yes. The official materials are: High pressure laminate over pressed wood and paper board. Which means they are resistant to heat and water should you decide to use them as actual serving trays as opposed to just wall decor.