Friday, October 10, 2008

Frédérique Morrel - Making a case for lace

We've always had a soft spot for re-purposed and recycled items, so when we saw Frédérique Morrel's trays it was love at first sight. Rescuing tapestry, needlework pieces, and patterns and then using them to make one-of-a-kind serving trays? What's not to love?

With her new trays, Madam Morrel hasn't stopped at just saving old tapestries, she's gone one better and added delightful doilies and lace to the mix. Brilliant! Who among us hasn't looked at a needlework pooch portrait or old-school tapestry scene and liked it despite the small worm of shame wiggling in our stomach, unwilling to admit even to our partners that perhaps we're developing septuagenarian sensibilities?

Thanks to Madam Morrel our predilection for petit point can come out of the closet and sit proud beneath a bevy of beverages, your tray riding shotgun on the side table, not just protecting the tabletop but providing transportation for the drinks you're serving to all your friends, who will ooh and aah as they uncover the treasures embedded beneath. We like Manhattans, if you're wondering. See the updated collection in our webshop

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