Thursday, June 11, 2009

Stanley Classic Vacuum Bottles

When I was a kid there were few things that excited me more than the prospect of going on a day trip to the mountains with my dad. I'd like to say that it was because I thought the outdoors was cool, but if I'm honest the scenery itself never entered the equation.

My interests were directed towards the fixins; a huge maple donut for breakfast, and to wash it down piping hot chocolate, housed in my Captain Caveman thermos. But no matter how much I loved Captain Caveman (and the Teen Angels), my dad's Stanley thermos always pulled a Joan Crawford: it was bigger, it was stronger, and it would always beat mine. I’ve always coveted that thermos; then for its sheer capacity and ability to maintain the warmth of that chocolate for hours, now for both that and the nostalgia factor. Okay, you got me, it’s still for the sheer capacity, sweetened by the lifetime guarantee.

These days I’m no longer reduced to coveting; finally I've said goodbye to Captain Caveman and have embraced at least one thing my dad and I have in common: an appreciation for a product that can house a whole lot of chocolate, coffee, or any other beverage - and keep it hot or cold all day long. See our Stanley Classic collection in the webshop.

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