Monday, December 28, 2009

Pictorial Webster's

Prior to the instant gratification of the world-wide web (we ♥ U Wikipedia!), the best place to find the weird and wonderful was the unabridged Webster's Dictionary. Even before the wonders of wordplay made themselves known, this repository of knowledge was guaranteed to be packed to the gills with meticulous engravings of the world around us (in addition to the copious amounts of words). Whether the item pictured was easily seen, unseen, or out of reach of anything but our imaginations, something about these intricate images sparked a fire in the heart of young scientists and artists alike.

In Pictorial Webster's: A Visual Dictionary of Curiosities, John M. Carrera has undertaken the arduous task of not only tracking down more than 1,500 amazing 19th-century engravings from Webster's Dictionaries, but also cleaning and restoring them to provide a visually breathtaking collection sure to both inspire and delight. With images ranging from Acorns to Zebras, Bell Jars to Velocipedes, this chunky tome "is a treasure trove for art lovers, designers, and anyone with an interest in visual history." When we first saw this book, there was no question: Yes, MUST have! This chunky little tome is chock full of drool-worthy graphical goodness. Available for purchase in our web shop or come by the Leliegracht and thumb through it in person.

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