Sunday, January 18, 2009

mid-Winter Sale... egg mercantile!

It's a tale as old as retail; a cycle tied to the seasons just as surely as that of the farmers and their crops. It comes after the holidays have left us unsure as to whether we're sated or exhausted, happy for their passing or sad. When the icy fingers of Winter slither beneath our collars and through cracks in windows, and when the definition of pleasure is a good measure of whiskey in a hot coffee with a dollop of whip cream. Yep, you guessed right; it's mid-winter SALE time!

Knowing that everyone loves a bargain and not wanting to disappoint, egg mercantile is offering up some dashing discounts on select items throughout the store. So whether you need a 2009 calendar to start planning the new year or your favorite color Pantone mug to house that aforementioned coffee (2 for €20!), don't let Winter's clutching fingers intimidate you (because you can shop online, too)!

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  1. I have Lola's cute teapot and cups! =) She's a very talented girl and super friendly. I really hope her work is known worldwide. Cheers!