Thursday, March 5, 2009

made by rENs - kopje kopje

Most people agree that one of the last hurdles in learning a new language is understanding the sense of humor. So you can imagine my sense of accomplishment when I 'got' my very first Dutch play on words - and it was all thanks to Kopje Kopje. For you other nederlandse neophytes, you know (as I now do) that 'kop' means both 'head' and 'cup' in Dutch, and the diminutive (not derogative) -je ending signifies both the small size and big beauty these cups contain.

So whether your eye for beauty runs to traditional dolls or you're someone like salacious Salome and just like heads (that one's for all you Bible readers out there), we've got just your cup of tea...... what, too much? Handcast by Renee Mennen & Stefanie van Keijsteren (collectively know as Made by rENs).

Available in matte black, glazed white porcelain or a combination thereof. You can choose either the crowned princess or the bonnet wearing red riding hood. Come by and check them out, or see them in the webshop.

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